How can Wobot help you?

Hi Everyone, Today, I want to help you all figure out, How Wobot can help you? Let’s start by going through the infographic below.   I hope this infographic gave you an idea of What Wobot does and How it can benefit you. Just to help you clarify it a bit further, let me give you […]

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Wobot launches Offline Mode!!

Welcome Back Everyone!! Today, I want to ask all of you, a question. How do you feel when your internet access is way too slow or it keeps disconnecting? Like this right?   How would you like to not be a slave to your Internet connection? Wobot, can help you smash your way out of this! Introducing, […]

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The Face(s) of Wobot!

Adit Chhabra –  Founder & CEO of Wobot After completing his Business degree from Purdue University, U.S.A and his MBA from IE University in Europe & working across Europe in Mergers & Acquisition as well as Post Merger Integrations , Adit gained the business acumen he needed to build an organisation from the ground up! […]

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“C” for Collaboration

How many times has your work suffered because of poor inter-office communication & collaboration? How many times have you said “But i had sent him/her an email about this a week ago” at work? How many times have you said “That’s not what I meant, you misunderstood”? Communication & Collaboration are the cornerstones of modern […]

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Importance of Digitisation in the financial sector

Data is critical to the operations of any financial institution. The wide range of operations and massive customer base generate huge numbers of transactions per day. These transactions go through a carefully planned verification process, which covers many aspects of an applicants (bank account/loan/credit card applicant) home and financial history. These processes are critical to any […]

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Our World: A Paperless World!

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to yet another blog by none other than me, Wobot, The Robot! Being a Robot, I get angered when I see so many businesses being submerged in towers of documents, simply because they do not want to change their old ways of doing business, and are not willing to adapt to […]

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What does “Wobot” really do?
What We Do - Wobot

Hi everyone! Welcome back! I had received a few questions from various potential customers regarding, what “Wobot” does? So, here is a layman’s explanation describing “Wobot“. Therefore, Wobot provides you with many tools, like: Collect (customer, research, on-field, audit and other work related data ) Collaborate (send & receive tasks, create work processes using various templates […]

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Wobot – Aggregator & Vendor Model
Wobot Aggregator Model

Are you an Aggregator or Vendor of services? Are you FED UP of constantly calling up your employees on the field or your vendor to keep track of their work status?  Don’t worry!! Wobot is here to help! Calling all service Vendors & Aggregators: Behold!! Wobot has launched their Aggregator & Vendor model, which provides a […]

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