Wobot Aggregator Model

Wobot – Aggregator & Vendor Model

Are you an Aggregator or Vendor of services?


Are you FED UP of constantly calling up your employees on the field or your vendor to keep track of their work status? 

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Don’t worry!! Wobot is here to help!

Calling all service Vendors & Aggregators: Behold!!


Wobot has launched their Aggregator & Vendor model, which provides a comprehensive platform  for aggregators and vendors to share all job details and job status updates, while using Wobot’s in-built GeoTracking, Chatting & File Sharing systems.

Aggregator Model 1

Please check out the video below:

Here are a list of some of the features of this model:

  1. Add, View and Share Details with as many vendors as you want!
  2. Get instant Status and Location based updates of your on-field technicians.
  3. Decide and Customise what information you want to share with which of your aggregators.
  4. Chat and Share files of any type with your vendors or employees.
  5. Create & Assign daily tasks to your employees, with pop-up notification and SMS reminder features.

So, take our sage advice and download the Wobot APP now! Click Here


Hope you all enjoyed, yet another update from Wobot!! Now, its time for me to get back to work, and keep surprising you all with more & more useful features & templates!!

Take care & Stay tuned for more,


Wobot. The Robot.

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