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WOBOT NEW FEATURE UPDATE #9 – Anyone to Anyone job assign, Geotagging and many more!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back! This Wobot update is a BIG one.

I have been slaving away non stop



and have come up with some really cool new features!

Feature #1 – Anyone to Anyone Job Assigning

Now, Wobot let’s you assign a job to literally, anyone in your organisation. A supervisor can now assign a job/task to an executive operating under a different supervisor, and he can also assign a job to another fellow supervisor. These jobs can also be re-assigned further, from one person to another.


This was a feature update requested by many of our valued clients, and we are delighted to announce that it is now live.

Feature #2 – GEO Tagging (Repair & Maintenance)

Know the location of your employees using our GEO Tagging feature. We, at Wobot, now provide accurate locations for all task updates of your colleagues and employees.


Using GPS(Global Positioning Satellite), we are able to offer you with the exact location of your employees. These location updates will show up when any status update takes place of a job/task. For example, when your employee accepts, rejects or completes a job; or even makes any change in the status of the job.

This feature will let you stay updated with your employee’s whereabouts at all times!

Feature #3 – Customise your notification & reminder settings!

Now you can decide how long before you want a reminder from Wobot regarding a job/task. You can even decide what time after a job start time, do you want its status to change to “Overdue”. Basically, we have increased our platform’s flexibility to further help our customers achieve more according to their business’s daily activities.

Feature #4 – Now take pictures and add any type of file(documents, video and audio files) using our in-built chat feature!


Get Clickin with Wobot! Now your phone’s camera is directly connected to Wobot! Click any picture instantly using Wobot and send it to anyone…..now isn’t that convenient? Also, you can distinguish between a clicked and an uploaded picture, by getting to know the exact time the picture was clicked through our platform!

Apart from this, now you can literally attach any file type; whether it be an excel file, any picture file or even an audio file!!


Therefore, using Wobot is now a heavenly experience!!


Feature #5 – Create many types of fully customisable checklists for all your business needs!

Wobot, now offers all of its user’s a combination of various types of customisable checklists one can use for various purposes. Now that purpose can be from running store audits, to factory visits, to quality control inspections or even running a mystery audit.

Some of the checklists available include:

  1. Checklist
  2. Checklist with Rating
  3. Checklist with Score

Upcoming checklists:

  1. Checklist with Mandatory Picture
  2. Checklist with Multiple Choice Questions
  3. Checklist with Q&A’s

So, take full advantage of all these cool features & Sign Up Now!!


Thanks for coming and visiting me again friends!!

Until we meet next,


Wobot. The Robot

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