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Welcome back to yet another blog by none other than me, Wobot, The Robot!

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Being a Robot, I get angered when I see so many businesses being submerged in towers of documents,


simply because they do not want to change their old ways of doing business, and are not willing to adapt to this ever changing paperless world we live in.


Hence, I decided to list our some of the reasons why we Must Go Paperless, in the office:

  1. Access Important Information Instantly: Who want’s to ruffle through thousands of documents to find the information you need Now? Digitising all data in your office, can save you a lot of time, and as we all know, when it comes to business; Time is Money!time-is-money
  2. Boost Your Businesses Efficiency: Going paperless for a business, means to convert all of your data on paper into electronic files, by using a software which helps you store and manage your work data. Implementing such systems in your office, gives your employees a quick and painless way to find the information they need, for example; client information, office presentations, company financials, emails etc.  This in turn, increases productivity and efficiency of your employees, and hence of your business. paper_to_digital
  3. Reduces Costs: Digitising your business is a huge cost saver! A lot of companies, who have switched to a paperless office, report massive cost savings, due to cost cutting on printing, mailing, paper and storage space.
  4. Disaster Recovery: We live in an unpredictable world. Any sort of natural disaster can leave your office data in jeopardy.  Having all your files stored, and backed up; is protection which your business deserves. flood
  5. Environment Friendly: Our environment is precious. Its resources are being depleted on a daily basis. Therefore, we, as citizens of this world have an ethical responsibility to take care of our environment. Companies these days, have a whole division under them called CSR(Corporate Social Responsibilities). Everyone is putting efforts forward to  decrease their Carbon Footprint.  Therefore, making your office paperless goes a long way to ensure that we do our part in helping our environment.


So, folks, I certainly hope that after reading my post, you will do your part to ensure that we digitise our modern workplace. Because after all, a paperless office, is a hassle free office.


Thanks for reading :)

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