“C” for Collaboration

How many times has your work suffered because of poor inter-office communication & collaboration?


How many times have you said “But i had sent him/her an email about this a week ago” at work?


How many times have you said “That’s not what I meant, you misunderstood”?


Communication & Collaboration are the cornerstones of modern day businesses! So, here are a few reasons why you need to cement the importance of inter-office communication with your employees:

  1. It increases transparency: Transparency between departments, although vital can be a daunting task to achieve. Imagine the loss in time, data, and money that can occur simply because of a communication/transparency gap between important departments of an organisation.
  2. It saves time: The back and forth between various departments on even minute details of any project, can take up a lot of precious time, and as we all know; Time is Money!
  3. It cuts costs: Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars every year to implement processes and use software’s to manage their interdepartmental communication & collaboration. This problem, when tackled can save the company a ton of money in other form of losses, like; spending time and resources on an incorrect deliverable of a project, or not being able to deliver on time due to a communication gap between employees.

Therefore, we at Wobot, make Collaboration an easy and painless process!

Whether it be regular work chat, or a job/task/project related specific collaborative chat, we provide it all!

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So, sign up for Free at www.wobot.in and let Wobot rid you of the hassles of everyday Work Collaboration!!


Hope you all have a great day ahead!

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