The Face(s) of Wobot!


Adit Chhabra –  Founder & CEO of Wobot

After completing his Business degree from Purdue University, U.S.A and his MBA from IE University in Europe & working across Europe in Mergers & Acquisition as well as Post Merger Integrations , Adit gained the business acumen he needed to build an organisation from the ground up!



Varun Gupta – Is a light hearted, extremely friendly yet fully focused Product Manager, here at Wobot!!

Earlier, he was working with Religare as a Business Analyst in the IT department, looking after the online customer portal for the Health Insurance division.
Before Religare, he worked with ‘BRSL’ as a Business Analyst, and was managing the development of internal CRM and online newspaper portal.



Dixit Mehra – Is our most talented Sales Head, who has a ton of experience of Business and Management under his belt.

Starting from a research based role in “technopak advisors”, to a partner in an infrastructure firm, to a founder of a self owned Home Repair & Renovation service company called “Home Fix”, this man has conquered it all!!

He enjoys working while listening to psychadelic & death metal songs, which creeps all of us out…hehe




Pranav Anand – Is Wobot’s Head of Marketing, his people skills combined with unending creativity provides Wobot’s marketing department with a niche that remains unparalleled. Having completed his BSc. in Computer Information Systems & Business Administration degrees from reputed U.S universities, like Purdue and Florida Tech, Pranav is well equipped to head Marketing  at Wobot. His creative writing skills can be clearly seen in our blog:


Nikaash Puri – Is our “Artificial Intelligence Guru“, with an almost god-like knowledge when it comes to coding & algorithms, this man can develop a continent…well..almost! Nikaash basically focuses on converting real brains into artificial ones. He has worked for reputed firms like Adobe, Accenture, PTC & Tata Technologies.



Akshay Puri – Is our “Innovative Projects Guru“, who is extremely hard working and always looking for a new challenge! Since, he graduated from DCE, he has been involved with many innovative projects. Some examples include, Stock market Emulator, Machine based stock value predictor, Tryst Android App etc.



Rajat Gupta – Is one of our most talented, quick wit, Sales Associate at Wobot. An engineer with a different perspective of the world which is a function of design thinking and humanity first approachHis journey leading up to Wobot, has been long and interesting. Having a quite evident benevolent side to his life goals, Rajat has been working for many years focusing on Non-Profit Organisations like and other startups.



Abhishek Tripathi – Is yet another  ‘Sales Guru’; who adds a ton of market experience to the Wobot Sales team.  Having worked with many reputed organisations in the real estate market, like,, & Nestaway, his sales acumen grew exponentially! Having a likable personality, Abhishek uses his sales and people skills in tandem to explore many new synergies for Wobot!



Vivek Sardana – Is another valuable addition to Wobot’s Sales team. In the Sales game, “Experience is Gold”, and this man has ton’s of it. With a career spanning over 20 years, “Sarana Ji” uses his vast knowledge and mastery on sales, to get Wobot clients. He has worked with companies like and Geo Radius, to name a few.



Gaurav Agarwal – Leads our Tech team for the Collect platform and ensures that our product runs smoothly and seamlessly. He is one of early adopters of various Distributed Systems and BlockChain Technology. He has deep understanding of Ethereum and has practical knowledge of solidity programming.

Our Tech & Support Team


Utkarsh Pandey – Programmer-a-Saurus


Monika Singh – Quality Analyst Extraordinaire


Jatin Tokas – Sales – A – Tron


Sandeep – Sales – I – Fied

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