How can Wobot help you?

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Today, I want to help you all figure out, How Wobot can help you? Let’s start by going through the infographic below.



I hope this infographic gave you an idea of What Wobot does and How it can benefit you. Just to help you clarify it a bit further, let me give you a brief explanation about Wobot.


Wobot is a Last Mile Solution for Business Intelligence!


Basically, Wobot provides you with all the necessary tools and services, to help you run your business in a smarter and more productive way. What tools am I talking about?

  1. Digitise all your Work – The power to digitise every single work process of yours, is nothing short of miraculous. Wobot provides you with a feature called “Create/Customise Checklists” . Using this feature, you can create/customise any form/checklists to digitise the work of any/all departments of your organisation.                              Insurance Claim
  2.  Task Management – Create and Assign daily work tasks to all your employees, with a click of a button! Equipped with Push notifications, SMS notifications, and our Offline Mode (App works offline as well); you can ensure instant task information delivery to your employees instantly!                                                                                                          Task Managemnt
  3. Pattern Recognition Bot – Wobot also offers, a one-of-a-kind, self learning, artificial intelligence bot to help you make well informed business decisions in an instant! Our bot analyses all of your previous work data, and using NLP (Neural Language Processing) delivers business recommendations to you, upon request. These recommendations will help you in increasing business efficiency as well as recognise weaknesses in your current work ways.                                                                                                                                                                          Insurance calim - 2
  4. Track On-Field Employees – Another important and necessary feature Wobot offers, is the ability to track all of your on-field staff instantly! Using Geo-Tagging, Wobot let’s you know the exact location of all your field staff, at all times, giving you a birds-eye view on all your employees.                                                                       On-Demand Services
  5. Chat & Share Files – Wobot’s in-built chat feature lets staff and managers engage seamlessly and instantly. You can also take pictures, record audio and share any file type with anyone, all directly from the Wobot App itself.                                                                                                                                                                     placeit (5)

These are just some of the many features/benefits Wobot has to offer, and we are only getting started!


No need to be this Awestruck, simply Signup and use the power of Wobot for Free!!

Visit: www.wobot.in


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